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Roasted Makes A Difference

Our unique indirect roasting process delivers a superior finished product that retains its color and shape, while sealing in great flavor. Roasted products are used as ingredients to other dishes or served as a delicous stand-alone sidedish in the food service channel.

DFF has the ability to roast many different types of vegetables including potatoes, onions, peppers and vegetable blends. Listed below is a sample of the many items we can roast:

Roasted Potato Wedges are trans fat free and add value to your menu. They are fully cooked and require no prepration... just heat and eat! Over 100 flavors are available.

Roasted Onions are an easy way to provide a consistent, unique flavor profile. Add roasted peppers to create a mouth-watering blend that can be used in many applications.

Roasted Red Potatoes are an easy way to add an exciting side dish that is colorful and flavorful. Add any combination of our unique flavorings for a tempting sidedish or use unflavored as an ingredient.

Green and Red Bell Peppers , either diced or as strips, roast beautifully creating a nice color and superb taste. Combining roasted peppers with roasted onions and potatoes makes a delicious sunrise blend that is easy to prepare and has no waste.

Our roasting capabilities combined with over 100 delicious flavorings makes the possibilities almost endless.

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