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IQF Non-Roasted Potatoes

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About Potatoes

Savor the Flavor of IQF Potatoes

DFF's brand of Norsun award-winning culinary creations take America’s most popular vegetable to the next level. Whether you're looking for a standard IQF diced potato, or a specially-flavored roasted side-dish, our quality process ensures consistent texture, flavor, and color.

Roasted or non-roasted, food service or industrial, we have a potato that will fill your needs:

IQF Non-Roasted - The industry best, our potatoes are inspected to ensure high quality.

Roasted - Our special, indirect fire-roasted process yields exceptional flavor, texture, and color.

Whole Bakers - A healthy alternative that requires almost no preparation time.

Organic/All Natural - We have numerous all-natural products available and can custom produce organic items.

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